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Coincidence? Lucky?? Serendipity!

(e-mail to test reader/psychology counselor, Oct. 2005)

hi michelle,

I am glad to get your note all the way from Hawai’i

I finished the last edited draft for the last
hard copy proof, at 8:08 am this morning,
and had a request from a local paper today
for an exclusive interview to promote my
first local book launch, so I have prepared
my first media kit, and noticed that I sent it at 3:33 pm

funny time that

I have scheduled 3333 limited edition copies
with a book that is 333 pages
at a selling price of $33
and I am noticing so many palindrome coincidences
that I have just had to write them all down and
I will be putting them on the website
such as,
I finished the first final edit at 11:11 pm
burnt the CD at 1:11 am
and got our first sale through a bank transfer at 3:33 pm
and so many more...

I couldn't figure out the last 8:08 time though, then it hit me,

the symbols for...
infinity - ground zero - infinity
8 - 0 - 8

I have been waiting to be here my whole life!
somehow, either I have left myself clues
I am manifesting them
in the mirror of coincidence

so much, thank-you for becoming part of my book!

your words (which are great!) will really help many others,
and that is all that it is really all about - way to go adventure girl!

I have added a number a great things to the book, and it just
gets deeper and a shared experience that others will excitingly embrace

it is all good!

I expect to have the first copies ready October 10th,
as with the websites going live then too

meantime, I am working full out on all the details needed
between now
and then

I am getting to where a break would be so, so good...


Genuinely, Joseph

Coincidences? Luck?? and Serendipity!

7 years ago,
3 was his age when Zachie said,
9 words to me to change our lives forever...
(page 19 of the book, 100 Days of Love)

Suddenly, in August 2005 I noticed circumstances, serendipity and luck were accelerating and spilling out at the cosmic cracks of every turn I now made... so I started to journal these Events.

I can not say what they mean, though, I certainly became keenly aware of how often I was experiencing these flavourful ‘sign posts’ and for once in my life, I was now really, really listening - with my eyes and ears.

It all started really, with the psychic predictions in January 1998, that came true...
(but that is all in the book) Let’s fast forward to where I lost everything (material) again in 2005, and the bizarre coincidences and circumstances that seem to... not just weave this tapestry of my fate together - but actually become guideposts.

June 2005
an odd meeting
doing a delivery as a favour to a friend
I had this incredible urge to do the delivery five days early, why?
I have learned to stop asking and just trust and listen. This one singular event changed the direction of my life so profoundly, that I must share the essence of what I have seen and am learning from the unseen forces.

I met four woman
who told later on any other given day they would not have been there to meet me... one of the women was a book publicist, Sarah... and though I did not see it at the time, she was the first element that became part of the events that forged the keys to this new portal of my life - my Dreams
Sarah and I became friends over the next few weeks
then I trusted my gut feeling
and shared the original ‘pink pages’ manuscript with her (story in the book)

July 2005
out of money and desperate, I applied for a job at 7-11, which I was turned down and could not get, then I called welfare for emergency funds and with no address, and no phone after two days and another three hours on hold got through to someone to bypass the 30 day waiting period for immediate emergency assistance, they insisted to call me back, so I borrowed a mobile phone for a contact number and then they never called me back, ever...

July 2005
two weeks later, I am out on a small island with my son exploring and collecting Eagle feathers off the beach... and Sarah calls, she loves the writings, which at that time is mostly the poems... ‘a wonderful, unique voice, that reminds me of Pablo Neruda (Nobel Prize for Literature 1971), Joseph I stayed up until 2:30 am reading, I couldn't’t put it down’ thanks Sarah. I could feel the lightning bolt of good fortune.

so after the 7-11 and welfare incidents of outright refusal, instead of cussing everyone out, I was determined to ask a better question... then I had a flash of light that this was just not my path. So, I started listening to circumstances, luck and serendipity, really, really closely and carefully... I took a few dangerous roofing jobs, and hunkered down to pay impeccable details what the quiet of the forest was telling me... simply to finish the book.

August 20 - September 30, edit takes 22 days
then camping with my son, we decided that we should tell our whole story, along with the story told in the original poems. We start to borrow everything we need, a computer, a cell phone, a library card and a few days before school starts for Zachie, I start the edit of the book, it takes 22 days

the price would be $33
the book would have 333 pages (or so, there are more now)
there would be 3333 copies published of the limited Collector’s Edition
and 189 poems (1+8+9=18=>1+8=9)

I check the money in Zach’s savings account for getting started, it’s $1115.11

then I started noticing coincidences happening with time and timing...

in interviewing graphic artists,
one with a Dragon symbol called me at 2:22 pm
I noticed afterwards that I returned her call at 3:33 pm
(we did our own book and cover layout, except for the graphic text/ watermark imbedding, we need professional services, and this had to fall into our $1000 budget total)

Sept. 12, 3:33 pm
graphic artist e-mails me the first proof

first draft of book finished to Save function at: 11:11 pm

the word count in my document was 53,333

Sept. 15
I noticed additional final edit, saved at 2:11 am

Sept. 16
I noticed that I sent the formatted file to my publicist friend at 2:22 am

deja vu
on the word, ‘Gotcha’
at meeting with David about possible charity involvement
I felt like I had left this word here as a sign from another time before

Sept. 18, 11:33 am, 1999 characters
contacted the Oprah show at 11:33 am
with a submission with 1999 characters
(maximum they request is 2000, incl. spaces)

Sept. 20, 5:55 pm, editing finished after 22 days
last and final text edits to file and burn to Save and on CD,
and then at the exact moment I transfer the very last file...
Boom! at 5:55 pm the power goes out for 9 minutes,
then I am able to turn the computer on and recover files and
finally burn the final disc.
... the gremlins were having me on pretty good on this one, ha ha!

Sept. 21, 1:11 am
made three corrections to burn final disc for printer, it was 1:11 am

there have been so many, and more and more, I will keep recording them and
posting them on the site...
... what do they mean, I have no idea, except that I am noticing it happen, and I have come to have a new respect for listening, really good!

Sept. 22, a bird at 6:33 pm
in an uncanny reference to a part in the book, I was startled by a bird hitting the window behind me, which I say in a reflection of the glass of a picture frame reflecting the window behind me to see the bird hit the window, it really startled me, then I noticed that it happened at 6:33 pm, go figure?

between the 22nd and 27th of September I lost all track of time,
as if I, or the world, did not exist, I am in a sweet madness stream
of consciousness, but somehow I did or didn’t exist then too?

September 28, 3:33 pm Aussie time
one of our first sales for 25 books was to Australia,
and the Aussies initiated the electronic bank transfer at 3:33 pm
(17 hours ahead of us) on Friday afternoon Sept. 29

September 28 11:11 pm
I finished the edit from the first hard copy book proof
and saved it at guess what time, 11:11 pm
I did not burn the CD then because I wanted to recheck it in the am

September 29, 8:08 am
I burn the final CD for the printer final hard copy book proof...
at first I thought, okay the numbers have stopped, they’re out
or have taken a a break, then I get chills, it represents:
infinity-ground zero-infinity
I have been working on a zero centrepoint theory of self-integrity,
and there it was right in front of me, the numbers were still leading me

September 29, 1:33 pm
After returning from taking my son to the audiologist,
and the book printer, then taking my son to school, I came
back to the computer and burnt a back up CD of the most
recent files, it was 1:33 pm

September 29, 3:33 pm
first media kit sent for an interview request at 3:21 fails
and then I resent it, and I notice afterwards that it was sent at 3:33 pm

October 01, 12:01:01 am
I get a reply from a test reader with some editing notes.
This time makes the date: 12:01:01, 10/01

October 01, 3:11 am
I finish work, and shut the computer down.

October 03, 8:33 am
the printer has a problem with the final edit CD pdf format
I spend hours reformatting the pdf files, and save them at 1:11 pm
then after a bite to eat I call the printer to tell him I have a new CD, at 2:33 pm
I drive down to the print shop pick out my Nepalese hand crafted paper in
support of the ancient art of hand made paper (Tamarind Lavender) and indigenous tribal peoples of Nepal... by the time I am finished and talk to the printer, when I look at the print shoppe clock, it is 3:33 pm - EXACTLY, Toto we’re definitely still in Kansas today.

October 04, 4:44 pm
call from Australia, from Judith White, regarding a request for a copy of the book
for one of the principles of Hay House in Sydney, Australia - an author who knows Louise Hay personally, and has been published with Hay House for twenty years, along with Hay House co-authors, Deepak Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer.

October 05, 11:11 am
the printer calls, leaving a message that final hard copy proof is ready, go figure?
message is on the mobile phone display for 11:11 am and 42 seconds...

October 05, 10:01 pm
save last electronic copy of hard copy proof and edit

October 06, burn final CD, it’s 10:01 am
taking final printer proof in for first printing, Yippeee!...
I notice the time on their clock, 11:11 am

October 07 4:44 pm
server agrees to upload a few pages for web viewing,
pages are uploaded at 4:44 pm

Oct. 08, 1:11 pm
I booked a venue for a local opening at Hill Top Chocolates,
and after finalizing Oct. 22 for the date, I got in the car, and it was 1:11 pm
on my mobile phone display

Oct. 09, 11:11 am
I find out that my family clan has a Knighthood and a family crest,
my ancestors are helping out too, I hope they like the book

Oct. 11, 22 copies, 3 sold for $99
Launch of books is for October 10 (Thanksgiving Day) but the printshop is not able to have the first run ready for the 10th, instead the next day - the 11th - a master number (I am told), and the book binder had 22 copies ready.

Oct. 13, 1:22 pm, 3 black crows
I had e-mailed some of the local tv people to expect to see me at 1:15
the next afternoon, with a copy of me book (for tv interviews), well,
I get to CH TV actually at 1:22 pm and as I am walking in there are 3
black crows standing around a tree symmetrically, so close to me (2 feet)
that I found it unusual they did not fly away, it felt like a surreal sign,
and then I tentatively scheduled my first tv interview to launch 100 Days of Love

Now that the book is out and selling well, I have much less time between production times to record all these, ‘Coincidences, Luck and Serendipity’ I have really had fun sharing this with you, and of course, now my new book, ‘100 Days of Love’. Serendipity!


please tell Oprah, if you LOVE the book!