100 Days of Love, The Truthful Surrender of a Poet’s Heart
- an intimate story of confession, by Joseph Borkovic

Dear Miss Winfrey, Inspiring new book, a true love story

Sound interesting? Want a copy? The author,
without TV for eleven years did not know who Oprah was.
But in book previews people were telling us,
“Oh my God, what a story, you’re going to
be on Oprah!” Who’s Oprah?
We just had to find out... now we know, wow!
So we put a Formal Letter to Oprah right in the book, you will probably love it!

Seven years ago we lost everything, our farm,
& I lived on the street with my son, I was crying
one day & little Zachie put his hand on my
shoulder & said, “It’s okay Dad, just pretend
we’re camping.” We made plans right then to
make a system to collect enough pop bottles
to get off the street... but not before some bizarre
coincidences - a psychic told us (on tape) we would meet
a woman who would help heal us but that two years
to the day, she would disappear. We did meet
this Angel & got us off the street. We fell in love.
Renewed, I rebuilt our Life from $480 of the pop
bottle money turning it into $100,000 in 8.5 months,
& we even bought our farm back.

Opps!! Then in early 2005 we lost everything again, now living
in a VW camper in the remotes of Vancouver Island, my son & I
decided to self-publish our story in the book with his own original
untouched pop bottle & beer can money. Full circle.
& WE DID IT all for $1000! People are lining up
to buy the book which is now available next week.
Plus, we turned our VW van, into a funky, The One Book Book Store,
our mobile office. Everyone loves the deeper inspiring layers of our whole story!

Oh yes, we both are not cutting our hair until we can
come & do an, ‘Out of the Wild’ makeover on your show.
My son & I are doing all this so that we could keep a promise
we made to each other that one day we would go together
to swim with the dolphins in Kalekaukeua Bay in Hawai’i.
That’s our dream. Aloha

Thank-you, all the very best! Joseph & l’il Zachary