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Formal Letter to Miss Oprah Winfrey and following, an informal, personal letter to Oprah

book excerpt from the pages, 329-330

Formal Letter To Miss Oprah Winfrey
(started August 30, 2005)

Dear: Miss Oprah Winfrey,

I have a proposal to feature our new book, 100 Days of Love, in a show on; The Emerging Renaissance of Romance, New Experiences in Personal Integrity™. This is becoming the most significant emerging awareness sought and shared by people in a very, very long time, and I identify it specifically in the book. Below are a few notes on our proposal, thank-you in advance.

Special Bonus for Oprah Audience

Would you be interested do a special Romance show with an, Oprah Limited Edition Printing, of, 100 Days of Love, for your audience? Each copy could be numbered and autographed!

Value Added **
The Emerging Renaissance of Romance, New Experiences in Personal Integrity™

Oprah, I will first send you copies of the book, then get every single person that loves the book to contact you about our interview, so I may tell this inspiring story even further out there. I have to say Oprah, that somehow I am feeling quite excited about the prospect of such a show, now that I have seen a few more of your great shows, again this week. At the library I also accessed your website and now I’ll add a few great ideas...

How’s this?... a bush make-over at the same time... since I have just come out of the wilderness after weeks, my hair has grown very long, and I have a beard now, for The Renaissance Show? America also wants to know The Secrets of a Perfect Kiss - I could maybe do one small demo? Anyway, I will bring my snazzy Tux. Shall I personally bring you an autographed Diamond Collector’s Edition?... let’s go for it!

Oprah, please let me know whenever you are ready, I’m there with bells on, even if I have to drive to Chicago in our funky Volkswagen camper - Oh, and I won’t cut my hair until the show, for the make over! (but I will shower, ha ha) Hey, guess what? I just told my son, Zachie about the idea, he loves it and says he won’t cut his hair either... “Dad, we’re a team! My own Dad wants to come now too! (his hair is okay). A three generation make over?

I also wish to sell enough books so that I can fulfill a promise to my son, to swim with the dolphins at Kealakekua Bay in Hawai’i. Aloha.

Oprah, the support from strangers who are already seeking out the book, is so amazing for us!... what do you need from us now...?

Let’s support others through our story, and
amaze your audience together! All the best.
Genuinely, Joseph and Zachary

Spinner dolphin playing with a leaf.

an informal personal letter to Oprah

... it is not a coincidence, our relentless circumstances are not accidents. I do not believe in accidents. I do believe that Life calls us home at some point. I am at that point. I appreciate the relentlessness of Life, because I am learning about relentlessness too, and without Life’s persistence and insistence that I start over, broken, and over again - a few times, I may not be listening as well as I am now... and I really am listening!

Oprah Life Party

The Oprah Show is a party of life, a celebration every day of what is, and what can be good, in everyone’s lives. We are kindred spirits in that respect. You stand for everything that can be good in someone's life, or better, and beautifully creatively. I call it Self-Betterment™ in the book. You are now another catalyst that inspires us to further rage on in life... for Life. You are a further blessing amoungst all the blessed souls. So Yes, I make the statement, ‘I AM Going-On-Oprah’ for everyone in the world - we must - because Oprah I believe - if you were me you would say it too - I know it!
M2J right? It is not a coincidence that I have heard your name said to me, ever since the very first 110 pages of the book edit went to the very first test readings. ‘Oprah.’ We now have seen (and heard) our new Mt. Everest.

We have been to the bottom of the crypt of misfortune, sitting amoung the coffins on swirling black invitations, we did not dishearten. No! Our spirits relentlessly pushed us to soar to the greater heights any ordinary human could dare to dream. And dare to dream we do... today, we dare to dream with you, Oprah, and of you too! and we dream these Dreams - even for you!

Heroin for Christmas, Say No Thank-you

Oprah, all paths are somehow leading us to you. Your name has been said to us enough times. Digging in the dirt and making compost, not garbage out of our circumstances, helps one to earn the right to Life. I remember that difficult year at Christmas, sitting with a heroin addict and prostitute who was offering anything to be done to her for just one more hit of hard drugs. I felt the deepest of compassion for this soul. After blessing her I had to leave that place, to find my own place of peace. The Peace that we always carry within ourselves.

Naked With Demons

I did not ever morally break in these months, not once, even while my spirit stood naked facing the demons alone. For my son could not see them in his faith. There is much despair in the world, and faith too. Faith also caught my glimpse in the mirror, I too, became compassionate to pain and lifted to a higher place by the waters of belief. This happened without knowing anything except to believe, somehow, magnificently all things were then added unto us. It comes in the moment of decision to accept where you are, and resolving to do better, somehow. I realize we have mustard seeds in our pockets, I know because my son has shown them to me with his own tiny little hands. It is a miracle when a child’s belief is so strong that it can change your life.

No Accidents

All of my personal financial tragedies were not accidents, I can see that now, and could feel that for some time. What I could not see or feel was the purpose and meaning of these ongoing financial accidents and failures. The losses of millions of dollars and years of effort, relentless disheartening financial tragedy, not once but several times. What was I not listening to?

The Voice

The voice, my true inner voice is so soft, but unwavering and only generous once or twice, then fleeting when I do not listen and act. The Guidance is not relentless, it is polite and firm, quiet and easily gone, always timely. So I contact you, Oprah, because I must listen and act, I must reach out. I am happy with how, and in the fashion we have brought ourselves, with dignity, to this point of contacting you. In everlasting resilience we have raised ourselves up out of the ashes, as a new born Phoenix. Oprah, shall we fly together for a time?

Joseph & Zachary, father and son of the odyssey.

Mountaineering to Oprah Support Team

P.S. You may, on other parts of the site, notice that we have proclaimed the Oprah show to be our Mt. Everest. Our mantra for climbing through life to get to the summit of the Oprah show is - ‘I AM Going-On-Orpah’. We have created the Climbing For Life Project™, and we are assembling our readers into a team called the: Mountaineering to Oprah Support Team, Oprah your show is our Mt. Everest - would you like Zachary to bring you the really cool M2O t-shirt? Get our book and check out our excellent show proposal!

Descend, pretend and ascend.
A dolphin family playing.

Man is the tree of the dolphin.