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Question (e-mail)
Monique, Mill Bay, B.C., Sept. 27, 2005

Q. Joseph, please clarify something for me. When I met you at Serious Coffee and you told me about your book and wonderful book opening, you also stated clearly, ‘We are going on Oprah.’ Please know I really do support yourself and your wonderful son, I just was captivated and love your inspiring story, though, I just can’t stop thinking about our meeting, I gotta know... would you kindly tell me, if this Oprah statement is real?

A - Joseph: ‘Yes’

Q. (further e-mail from Monique) Joseph, thank-you for getting back to me, but that’s it, just a Yes? Please, give me something more...

A - Joseph: ‘Okay Monique, I am going to make a confession to you. Even before our first test readings, I could feel the energy behind this book. It is amazing and awesome! There was something, a pure force so powerful driving me, and so many ‘bizarre’ and timely coincidences that I am still just simply overwhelmed - I have surrendered to the divinity of it. I have come to the calmest sense of what this book, and our message is becoming. A message of inspiration, imagination and hope.

It is true that I did not really know who Oprah was, when her name started coming up, simply, in my recent surrender I was now really listening.... and through these (test readers for early book editing) intelligent, savvy women kept saying the name... Oprah, Oprah, Oprah. So I trusted that, and opened that door.

Trust me, I am getting to your question... Once I actually found out the magnitude and integrity engaged on the Oprah show and her potential readership to share our story in the book, I set a singular goal for - Going On Oprah.

Every single person I meet, I declare my mantra, ‘We’re Going On Oprah’.

To me it is a statement. A way of setting a goal and say I really believe in the affirmation of LIfe! A statement that at this time in my life, I feel that I must make. The coincidences to get here have been amazing and staggering.
I have been so blessed to come out of the other side of blackness to life. I just do not want to ‘pretend success’ anymore. I have been a fool for so much of my life, I finally choose to be a Fool for Love. See my writing on this spiritual immunity in this site’s section:
The Bliss Groove

My son and I have made it through. It is a state of mind, all the details are in the 333 pages of the book. Once you have the chance to read a copy, please tell everyone you meet to enjoy a copy too! So today again, I humbly and passionately put out to the great forces at work,
- ‘I AM Going-On-Oprah’.
Can you starting to see what I mean,
what I dare to dream of Dreams?
or have you already decided that I am a nut?
Filberts anyone?

Absolutely yes Monique, I am going to share something even more bizarre, in fact, I feel like I have already been on her show. I had an awaiting-deja-vu dream, a vision of Oprah’s studio and show with my son, very powerful. So powerful that I have included a formal letter to Miss Oprah Winfrey right in my book. This has only happened a few times in my life.

I am following my heart all the way.

Is it truth, or true? Yes, I trust my heart.
I feel so connected now with the world, I dare to say,
‘How could Oprah not love our story?’
For real!
This is part of my Dream.
Life really is but a dream.

So I say, No, to fear, criticism and doubt, lovingly. I know in my heart that our story is meant to be shared with many, many people, am I am clearly stating my intent to the universe in all its power and grace, that we believe so strongly that I am willing to say what I deeply and honestly believe, everything! and say it completely openly for the first time in my life. Will I be supported, or ridiculed? I am not sure, possibly, but if at all, then only by any naysayers up
until we actually get on the show.

In 1899, the Managing Director of the US Patent Office said, that they could now close their doors, for that anything of importance to further be invented, up until that time, already was. Ha ha.

My concern, our whole core message, is not to never, ever quit. ‘Dad, it’s okay, just pretend we’re camping, it’s okay.’ I can not turn back after those 9 words of my 3 year old son. I am going to be on a show with Oprah, if I have to start my own show and have her on as my guest!! Yes, we are; Going On Oprah,
and naturally as always - God willing.

This is why I am going to ask Readers who are moved by the guts and inspiration of our story to support us in this Dream. This is why I set up this website, to offer a practical and easy way for Readers to support this important message in support of others.

‘Going On Oprah’ would also allow us to give so much more of our book proceeds back to homeless and children’s programs. We need to do this, the world too, needs us (and others) to do this! Just like Oprah’s Angel Network. Let’s live, and do it together. For us, now sharing our own good fortune with others is what it is all about, no excuses, telling our story just gives us
a great way to do so.

Wow, Monique, I did not realize that I would write so much, you can see now how I passionately how feel about having and sharing this attitude to life (I am writing in italics! ha ha). There is something that happens when we put our thoughts into words, so thank-you so very much for being part of this process of being able to do exactly that. I would like to offer you one of the first limited Collector’s Edition books, as a gift from Zachary and myself. Each is numbered and autographed. Bless you.

Monique, continue to ask me anything you want to at all, your questions to my son and I are going to be very helpful for many others who will, in time, ask similar questions. By addressing them now, and posting them on the website, it will help to clarify these events, and focus for the future. Please e-mail a response to me in return, that it is okay to post your questions with my answers on the site I am building, - thank-you, Joseph.

Q. Hi Joseph (Monique again), wow I can really feel your passion... won’t some people somehow think it seems like a bit of a trick, and pervert your wonderful message?

A - Joseph: ‘Not at all - especially once they read the book, and YES, it is a trick...
a trick exclusively for MY mind...

certainly, not against you or anyone. Being false costs a person too much inside.

“Is it a fantasy for an Olympic athlete to say they are going to get the gold medal, or that you are going to climb Mr. Everest, before you set out with your team? Even, if your climbing team does not make it?? No, it is certainly not a dream or a trick, we actually expect affirmative, even bold statements of leaders. Sometimes children become our leaders. Monique, I am asking you, and every single Reader to be part of our climbing team on our trek to the Oprah show. We will make it to this summit, God willing - and I truly believe she is! For my son and I, the Oprah show is our Mt. Everest. We’re just going for it... come with us!”

Q. (Monique) Okay, you definitely have me (sic) support. Thank you so very much for the offer of the book, such a gift! I very gratefully accept, and look forward to the nearing launch date. How can I help you and your son?

A - Joseph: ‘Hey, great question, first read the whole book when you receive it, then tell three good friends, and contact the Oprah show (like we show on the web site here) and have fun and enjoy your life, take initiative to spread happiness and good cheer to others less fortunate! Oh yes, and stay in touch.

Sept. 30, 2005
Okay, dear Readers - further just so you know what we are actually doing about practically preparing for our excursion for the Oprah show. Our mountaineering team has initiated formal contact with the show’s base camp, Sept. 18. I have also been preparing a full Media Kit, and a video tape of Zachary and I, to send to the Oprah show producers (base camp) along with the very first copies of our book, some rope and mountaineering gear. We also have very much local media support and enthusiasm, and we will be doing local interviews in the next few weeks in timing with the launch.’

Adios for now
my mountaineering friends,

Genuinely, Joseph


Q. Is the Renaissance show your idea?

Joseph: ‘Yes, and no, I created and included an
exciting Oprah show concept
with a formal letter to Miss Winfrey, a copy of which all this is in the book itself. The feedback I was getting in the pre-edit stage of the first 110 pages is from readers I had selected, right from the get-go said, “Oh my God, you’re gonna be on Oprah” so I immediately took the initiative and found out about Oprah by going to the library to research the show and such details. I am glad that I listened to these intelligent women. Opportunity knocks, then misses right past the closed door.’

Q. Is it true that you did not know who Oprah was?

Joseph: ‘Yes, I have not had cable or a TV for the last eleven years to help focus Zachary on his reading and speech skills, and I still don’t watch television. After women kept mentioning Oprah during the pre-edit testing of the first 110 pages, I had to seek her out. I didn’t know the show then, but I am a fast learner, so I went to a friend’s house and started watching her programs and I know who she is now, that’s for sure. She is smart and kind, a very rare and fortunate combination in this life.’

Q. Why did you contact Oprah?

Joseph: ‘As a result of listening to my early test readers, I kept hearing, Oprah, Oprah, Oprah, it was just like a Grand Canyon echo, and has become a mantra. We will be honoured when Oprah ultimately further shares our story of courage and love, as everyone else so sincerely and deeply does (read the book). With 15% of my author royalty going to homeless people and children’s programs, better platforms (like Oprah) just allow us to give more back, and that has become very important to myself and my son.

Out of respect for the shows producers, as of this writing, they have not (as of today) seen the final book yet (soon), and before scheduling a final date there are a number of questions to further answer. However, this is also where our readers can help things along, and to speed things up, just contact the show AND tell Oprah if you love the book, as I have outlined in the section - Going On Oprah Reader Instructions.’

I quietly, confidently and innocently made the steps to start sharing the story of myself and my son, through people like Oprah, with the world. I did not allow negativity, doubt or fear to screech it wasn’t possible, it is possible and it is happening now. I also had a dream about her and I just know. It’s our time.’

Q. What if you never get on Oprah?

Joseph: ‘See page 35 of the book.
It is possible, which means it is also not possible, God willing I will stay in good health, as well as Miss Oprah and all her family and staff, as you and your famiily - before, during and after we do the show together. May everyone, everywhere, one and all, remain blessed in health and love, one never knows when one is going to be called home by God.’

Q. That doesn’t really answer the question of, ‘never’?

Joseph: ‘Okay, you asked for it!
Personally, it is the wrong question, “what if never” is always a dangerous game to play with Life... what if I (or you) were ‘never’ born? What if I (or you) never experienced the hardest of times? I can’t and do not know how to ask the questions of life to ‘achieve never’. In my guts stirs my gumptions, I can feel my dreams are delusionally possible, I know they are, and somehow already exist, I am embracing the courage to be in my Dreams.
Instead of never, let’s try forever...

F - First
O - Organize
R - Resources
E - Energize (and Ever cherish)
V - Valuable
E - Existing
R - Results ’

Q. Doesn’t it seem a bit brash to make such a statement to be on the Oprah show?

Joseph: ‘Will you still ask me that, after we are on the show?... or if I take you with me?

All I did was listen to a few intelligent women, including a psychologist who cried reading the first 50 pages. I then set my intent by contacting the show. Everyone seems to just love our idea for the show, The New, Emerging Renaissance of Romance! and as a philosophy for Life.”

Q. Why did you hand paint your VW van for the show?

Joseph: ‘We did not specifically do it for the show. My son and I only had $1000 to launch the book, so with my son, we wrote, self-edited, did the graphics layout, photography, self-published and self-marketed the whole thing. We had the idea to decorate the van and turn it into a mobile office, The One Book Book Store™, adding the website to it,, so folks could help to support us. The van actually belonged to a friend of mine, and she loved the whole idea... and we did it mostly because my son and I really enjoyed sharing the fun of it, and it has been so much fun!’

see the van and more pictures at -

Q. Okay, you got me, what can I do to help?

Joseph: ‘Whew! Thank-you for that question...
1. Order the book (and two more as gifts)
2. Tell three (or thirty) friends, who tell three friends, who...
3. Tell Oprah. Go to, and tell her, then please cc me a copy.

Bless you! When I see you I will share my organic chocolate chip and pecan cookies with you, big hug.’

Q. What’s your message?

Joseph: ‘Well, that is fully laid out in the 333, or so, pages of the book.

Simply and quickly, in a word my message is about, Self-Betterment™. It is about loving others and the world more through experiencing the journey of personal integrity - and allowing for this in our lives, to simply and richly exist. This book helps to share this and so much more, through sexy, inspiring and humourous story telling. Did I mention it is a true story?’

Q. The story of the book has so many layers and gems included between the pages outside the core love story of the poems, the format kept me riveted, was this new style intentional?

Joseph: ‘Yes, and no. It is like a Buddhist Zen koan in that respect, for example like the koan; ‘What is the sound of one hand clapping?’ By all means let me know what you loved (and everyone you meet for the next year too!) or what you may have done differently in the telling the story of my life.’

(Please Remember,we do not accept negative, depressing,
really sad or mean correspondence.)

Q. The love letters and poems are so beautiful, and it’s also eclectic in some parts, is this some kind of Pablo Neruda meets Hemmingway in a back alley?

Joseph: ‘Funny question,
okay, yes, and the Jetsons too.’

Q. Any dates lately?

Joseph: ‘I love organic dates and raisins.’
(my poetic license, ha ha ha)


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